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Foto - Michal Srna I'm marching around the world since year 86, with digital camera since 2000 on and off. When I bought my first digital single-lens reflex camera in 2007, I definitely decided, that photography will be my main hobby beside information technologies.

I have merged photography hobby with geocaching - I can recommend it. It's nothing better than taking some pictures of landscape and looking for caches by the way...

I graduated from Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in 2011 as an engineer. This faculty is the seventh faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague in Czech Republic. This small and family faculty provided me connection between my interest in biology and information technologies. My diploma thesis was focused on medical image processing and registration SW implementation for Faculty Hospital Royal Vineyard in Prague.

I work in area of biomedical laboratory instruments at Beckman Coulter company since finishing my studies.

I live near the Kozakov hill, in the centre of the Czech Paradise, famous tourist region in Czech Republic (central Europe).




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