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I don't have much experience with mountain photography - I only dreamed about it, so one day I decided to visit biggest mountains in the Czech Republic - Giant Mountains. My girlfriend was jobbing there those days, so I had cheaper accomodation and my love was happy, that I visited her. I spent few days there in winter and then I returned for next few days in spring. I have discovered that taking pictures in mountains is great, wherever you look, there are awesome views. All photos, I took there, you can see in next photo gallery - Giant Mountains.

There are a lot of mountain ranges in the Czech Republic, but Giant Mountains are the best ones for me. The biggest mountain in the Czech Republic - Snezka (1,602 meters above the sea level) is located there. These mountains are notable for their ski resorts. They also contain the source of the Elbe River. Large areas of the mountains are preserved as national parks by Czech Republic and Poland: the Czech Krkonose National Park, and the Polish Karkonosze National Park.

In September 2010 I spent my vacation in High Tatras (Slovakia) with the highest mountain Gerlach Peak (2,655 meters above the sea level), which were completely different from Giant Mountains for me. In High Tatras I have experienced, how tricky mountainous weather could be, because it was changing minute from minute. First snow has fallen on peaks of mountains and weather was really interesting a variable when I was there. After two years I returned to Hight Tatras for taking some other new great pictures.

Nature in High Tatras looked for me really beautiful, wild... emotional. If you visit our republic or Slovakia, you should visit Giant Mountains or High Tatras as well. Photographers won't regret it and hikers will be astonished by picturesque nature and fresh air...

Gallery Bohemian Forest was added in July 2012 and consists of a few photos taken in this wonderful mountain range from South Bohemia. The Bohemian Forest comprises heavily forested mountains with average heights of 800–1400 meters. The highest peak is Großer Arber (1456 m) on the Bavarian side and the highest peak on the Bohemian and Austrian side is Plechy (1378 m). Bohemian Forest is also well known for its glacier lakes like Black, Devil's and Prasily. Ideal place to relax for mountain hikers, bicyclers and also us - photographers....


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