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Switzerland or Swiss Confederation is an inland country lying in the middle Europe. It is located between Lake Constance on the north-east and Lake Geneva on the west. This country with beautiful landscape like created for photographers offers everything including green lands, mountain pastures and snowy tops of mountains. Main symbols are swiss chocolate (brands like Frey, Lindt, Nestlé...) and also a lot of farms producing great cheese like family farm and its quality Gruyère cheese not so far from Geneva lake. And also not forget to mention swiss watches...

I explored only surroundings of the Lake Geneva - small city Nyon located between Geneva and Lausanne. I also visited village Yvoir on the french side of the lake. Imagine water surface reaching the horizon, above which you can see tops of the highest mountains in the Europe. That is the Lake Geneva and its surrounding. Enjoy all of the pictures I took when I was there on my labour visit.


Gallery Switzerland - Lake Geneva